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December 4, 2012
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Suki's World Building: Biology by DarthSuki Suki's World Building: Biology by DarthSuki
EDIT: <1/30/13> UPDATED AND ADDED NEW STUFF! Much thanks go out to ~Esvandetta who took the time to write out a wonderful critique for me c:


Preview Template Here

: Keep in mind there are some format differences, as it looks best on Microsoft word or OpenOffice.

Free use for everyone who has a species, world, or people that they would love to take notes on. I hope this will be a great use to writers and artists who are in the drafting (or perhaps even near a finished product!) of a world or race.

This features the basic aspects of biology for your culture, if it consists of one main species.

Feel free to change, tweak, or add to this as you need. This is for use in helping people get their thoughts together and get them pondering on their worlds, not to set limitations on it.

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FREE download of OpenOffice (For those without Microsoft Word).

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Okay… on to business…

I just looked through it and… it’s not bad. It definitely has some potential, but it needs some serious work. There are sections in it that I personally think are under-detailed and then some parts that just don’t belong at all. Before I start, though, I’d like to mention that I like that you consistently separated males and females throughout the template. Most people don’t do that, so I give you kudos for doing that!

However, I did have a problem with your lack of sections for heavy information input. You have averages for everything. This is a good idea and makes everything simple… I understand what you’re trying to do, but it is awfully limiting. It makes me feel like I almost HAVE to have my ranges centered closely around a given height and weight. That isn’t natural and it’ll show up in the user’s work for sure. Everyone will be roughly the same height and weight. Now… are all females really 4’11 (149.8cm) and 100lbs (45.3kg)? No.

Here’s an example of what I mean: If I was to put one of my species into your raw template, I would have the average height of a male at 5’4 (162.5cm). That’s all very good and all very fine, but that height is actually very short for the species. This is because that species in particular has a wide range… much like humans do. I have some who are as tall as 7ft (213.3cm) and others are close to 4’5 (134.6cm). Weights are similar, since I have some who are under 100lbs (45.3kg) and others who are 300+lb (136+kg).

I personally believe that you should cut the sections in half instead of being so general. Have one section for what’s considered tall and another for short. Make the same for thin and heavy. Now (using same race once again) if I was able to do that, I would have the male’s short height at roughly 4’10 (147.3cm). The tall, on the other hand, would be about 6’2 (187.9cm). That makes me happy, since it’s more accurate, and I don’t feel so limited… ^__^ yay to that!!!

Now the general appearance section…. Wow. This is so small that it’s almost like you’re saying “Just put down whatever... nothing important here…” and that’s very wrong. I don’t want to get into detail here, so I’ll mention more about this later. Let’s continue on.

Next… the age section. The age section was a good idea… but I don’t quite understand what you’re meaning by “life stages”. What are they supposed to put there? Are they supposed to put the age in which one is considered in that stage via anatomy/growth standards? Please clarify that….

Last bit…

Once you hit the social area, you went off the deep end. You shouldn’t have that in a biology section: it has nothing to do with biology. This section should have a template of its own called Social Environment, Society or Psychology. You can also put manners, and proper physical etiquette/formalities there. If you want to continue on from age, you should get deeper in to anatomy and put it under the “general appearance” section.

The general Appearance section is a good place to state things like difference in bodily functions compared to humans. This could be anything from special bones and organs to magical conductors or a unique use of an ordinary chemical/hormone in the body. This template can actually go on forever, since the human body is so complex and detailed. If you’re having problems trying to find out what to put here, here are some suggestions: Have them state the internal organs and their location(s). For example: does it have 6 hearts? How about 5 stomachs? Where are they in the body? How big are they? Do the ribs fuse together to make their chests less penetrable? Does it affect their visual anatomy? Do the females have their mammary glands on their stomachs or their chests? How many do they have? Do the males have mammary glands? What are the specific anatomy differences between males and females? And so forth.

If you need any help, I’ll be more than happy to help out with ideas. Just give a note.

I hope this was helpful!
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How can I get to the other culture templates?
DarthSuki Sep 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You click the links in the description. There's only two that I made, so far, so the others don't actually have links on them for any deviation c: 
So you'll make the others soon?
DarthSuki Sep 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No, unfortunately not. I've been very busy as of late and don't have the time to make others. However, they are all based to some degree on the links on the bottom of the description. Also, another help for organization would be:… there are a lot of other good resources if you look around with google, as well c:
Esvandetta Jan 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you very much for creating this.

I may feel like I have "all my shit in one sock" when it comes to my races/character development, I've never been one to turn down assistance or anything that'll make it easier. ^_____^

Give me some time to look it over and I'll give you a critique, okay?

Jaa Ne!
DarthSuki Jan 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, that would be most helpful, thanks! And I'm happy that it's useful for you and your ideas c:
SurprisinglyAccurate Dec 20, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Sweet! I am going to try it out now. I was wondering, do we need to credit you for any reason? (I know the question seems weird but I just wanted to ask)
DarthSuki Dec 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hrm. Not besides maybe a mention that the template was mine, or at least a link to it somehow XD other than that, I'm not all too picky.
SurprisinglyAccurate Dec 20, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
OK, thanks.
Thanks for making this. I need things like this:)
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