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For the full experience with my reader-inserts, please use a text editor of any sort and replace the following things with your own personal qualities. Keep in mind some of them may not be used in individual oneshots, but are all there for reference.

Name: y/n
Nickname: n/n
Age: y/a
Eye Color: e/c
Hair color: h/c
Hair Length: h/l
Hair Texture: h/t


There are a lot of things about the Shatterdome that you like. Of course, there are also things about it that you don't like. But those things don't really count all that much, since they're usually the glares of fear or confusion from the occasional new recruits that you see walking down the halls. Some people just don't understand, it seems.

But then again you can't honestly blame them. Who wouldn't wear that kind of expression when confronted from someone who looks like they just walked out of some sort of B-grade Sci-Fi monster horror movie. Maybe it's the tail. Yeah. It's probably the tail. Or maybe even the eyes, but that can't really be--some people have actually told you the new golden color actually looks pretty nice with your h/c hair. You miss the pretty e/c color they used to be before all those underlying kaiju traits started kicking in when you were like, five. Though you weren't exactly entirely human up until then either. More human, maybe.

You actually find it rather interesting--you can tell who's new and who's been working at the Shatterdome since the early years of the war simply by the way they look at you. Sometimes even by the way they regard you. The /really/ new people certainly have a way with words, spun up into all sorts of intricate insults. It could be that you're just that used to hearing that sort of thing from when you were younger, or maybe it's gotten to the point that you're running a bet with yourself if anyone can actually come up with something new or creative to their directed insult to your abomination of DNA.

You've actually lost to yourself a couple times, though afterwards you weren't exactly sure how to do the payout. Oh well. You didn't exactly use your paycheck all that much, since most everything else has been provided for you for free your entire life. Something about being an early kaiju/human hybridization having no actual citizen rights in any country and no actual parents can certainly bring some long-lived consequences.

But hell, you haven't been locked in a cage since you were a child, so as long as you're still able to annoy the living hell out of everyone now and again everything is just happy days. It's even better now that the war is over. Mostly. The only thing that seemed to change is the clock in the main hanger--it's never ticking anymore. And everyone is more or less happier than they had been before (the possible destruction of your planet and race can do that to people!)

Your biggest wonder is if they'll let you leave the Shatterdome now without wearing a metaphorical leash. It's not so much a concern, because you've been taken care of pretty well despite the circumstances (save for all those nasty tests they had to do when you were younger). It's more a simple curiosity.

Oh wait. You've forgotten to properly introduce yourself have you? That's not very nice you know. It's certainly not polite to ramble, either, but you still tend to do it anyway now and again.

Your name is y/n. You're not exactly who was the person in charge of naming you since you didn't exactly have parents /to/ name you. Well, perhaps you could call the woman who donated the human egg cell (which would later become you!) a mother, but since even that DNA was messed and tweaked, it's a stretch. Oh, how much fun it must have been to be doing all those cool experiments, testing kaiju DNA with that of a human. No, really, you're sure it must have been a little fun at least, outside that whole 'monsters terrorizing earth' thing going on.

You think Stacker Pentecost had some influence in naming you. Maybe. At least, you'd like to think that, since he was surprisingly the first person who was really nice to you. Well, exceptionally nice. Most of the scientists who poked you and asked a lot of annoying questions were polite, but they were still poking you with needles all the time. They seemed really fascinated about you being able to spit mild acid when you were angry, though you still haven't perfected your aim on it. Still working on that.

God you ramble a lot. No wonder that they couldn't keep you in your room and the lab all the time--you probably annoyed the shit out of them all! Or maybe you were let out because the funding got cut. Well, it's funnier to think the former was true. You were a really annoying kid--with how fast you grew at first, it was a wonder anyone managed to keep up with you (thank god your aging panned out after you physically matured, though nobody has a clue how that happened).

But things are really cool now, especially since the kaiju are gone. That's not horrible to say right? You are partially kaiju in terms of DNA, though you didn't feel any sort of kinship with any of them. Some biological and anatomical similarities like the tail and the golden-eyes thing (and the acid spitting! You seriously love that part), but you didn't ever develop much of the 'hive mind' that Dr. Geiszler later learned all the kaiju possessed. There were some really strange dreams now and again, and you had a really good ability to predict kaiju attacks a day or two before they happened (but it wasn't like they already had a super-awesome clock or smart-as-hell mathematician to later do that or anything), but besides that you were just a normal person.

Er. Alright, rephrase. Besides that, you were just a normal y/a-something who just happened to have been genetically modified from some randomly donated egg cell and bonded (fertilized?) with kaiju DNA so you have a tail and claws and a bunch of other little things that made you look strange and very obviously not human.

But that's alright, because you're pretty cool with that. It might be the fact that you've had nothing else in life to say otherwise about how things are going (which are pretty damn good, really), but hey. You happen to like who you are, more or less.

Your name is y/n and there are a lot of things about the Shatterdome that you like, and some things on occasion that you don't like. You’re also probably the first (and only) successful merging of human and kaiju genetics and technically don’t have parents, but no matter what happens, the Shatterdome (or PPDC, to be more specific) really is your home. And everyone in it is sorta your extended family and friends. And even with your background and situation, you couldn't be any happier about things.

Now if you could just convince the Marshal to let you get a pet. Herc has a dog, why can’t you have something? Totally not fair.

You aren't the most well-known outside the Shatterdome, but you still manage to entertain others with your stories. That is, if the kaiju/human mixed genetics inside your every cell didn't entertain them enough as it was.

Read more from this oneshot series!

Ahh so I've been wanting to write this for a long time now since I saw the movie. I mean, I think my niche when it comes to writing oneshots, or writing in general, are things that incorporate the reader. I also like things that can appeal to the fangirl/fanboy in all of us. So yes, this is the begining to a brand new oneshot series about your adventures about the Shatterdome. I'll be more than happy to take requests to write about! And I'll be more than happy to pair you/thereader with anyone in a oneshot, since this isn't supposed to have a chronological plot at all. I just wanna write about reader doing all sorts of fun/cute/badass things.

And unless a specific oneshot/requests calls for me to be more specific about what you look like as a hybrid, I'll try to stay general in that sense. So you can look (to a degree) however you want as a kaiju hybrid!

I originally made the reader a hermaphrodite, thinking it would be easier, but I changed it so the gender/sex of the reader depends on the oneshot. It gives me a little better writing liberties to have a set variable in a oneshot XD But as everything else, you want me to write the reader a specific sex/gender for a pairing or something, just ask!

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Beenball Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2015
This is good so far, continue it please? That would be amazing to have this as a series instead of a one-shot.
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